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For a Competitive Edge in the Higher Education Marketplace

Mkonnect Education CRM for different ways to route leads, assign, and allocate. A 360* view from inquiry, enrollment, alumni, and beyond with specific modules like Accounting, Asset Management, Attendance Management, and more.

A unified view with seamless communication and connectivity

A single and unified view of all the components of the necessary tools to manage a wide range of platforms and channels. Seamless data sharing related to students, staff, and affiliates in a highly intertwined network to drive the success of the institution.

Invest in the Mkonnect higher education CRM technology to stay ahead in the competition.

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Why CRM is Important for Education Institutions and Businesses.

CRM offers an integrated set of communication and collaboration tools that are flexible enough to integrate with all your lead-generation channels. To foster a data-driven culture of collaboration between the departments and teams within an institution for a realistic return on investment from an education CRM.

One tool, with many uses.
  • Avoid errors while preventing lead fall through leakages.
  • Simplify student-to-institution interactions and follow-up activities
  • Custom dashboard for real-time intelligent student data analytics and reporting.
  • Ramp up student engagement to boost enrollment.
  • Reduce the cost, time, and effort spent on making and fixing errors.

Top Education CRM Features To Work Efficiently and Intelligently

Mkonnect education CRM to help your admission teams increase, manage, and predict their admissions. Simplified process management and robust automation tools, suitable to enrich student and institutional success.

Lead Management

Streamline your admission process by having a 360* view of all your prospects and admission stages. With robust and convenient lead management features, integrate all of your lead channels in the MKonnect CRM system.

Lead Nurturing

Boost your conversion with strategic communication channels using calls, emails, and WhatsApp Integration. Also, optimize time and save admission efforts with omnichannel engagement experiences to engage and nurture prospects.

Campaign Management

Optimize campaigns in real-time instead of managing them based on assumptions. Gain deeper insights into your overall marketing & team performance with robust analytical reports for maximized admission marketing ROIs.

Reports and Analytics

Get valuable data insights across your entire admissions journey using Funnel reports. Gain complete visibility into your school's lead conversions, enrollment pipeline, geographical locations, and more.

Contact Management

While automating the overall student admission process, the Contact Module of Education CRM stores contact data and takes important actions like scheduling follow-ups, saving course enrollment dates, sending payment reminders, etc.

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Why should you choose Mkonnect education CRM?


A Unified Approach

Our Education CRM is a modern solution that offers a unified approach to managing tools and teams for enhanced cross-team collaboration to increase admissions.


Stay on top of real-time forecasts.

Mkonnect CRM gets you smooth process execution and decision-making with real-time analytics and reporting on the admission and enrollment process.


Automated Productivity and Growth

Save time on repeated tasks, and boost the productivity of teams with process automation, while managing everything else in your CRM.


Access customer data on the move.

All-in-one CRM provides mobile app integration that can get admins and users access to all their student data, phone calls, and admission inquiry emails on their mobile phones, tabs, and smartwatches.


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