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Mkonnect Custom CRM tailored to your needs

MKonnect CRM development services embrace fully cusotomized-platform solutions, with fast implementation, all level data protection at the most cost effective price.

Custom CRM features at no additional cost

Getting a standard CRM system won't work for you when you have different and growing needs. Mkonnect custom CRM is specially designed CRM software created to meet all of the organization's unique requirements.

Get a fully customized CRM solution for your business now

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Why do you need a Custom CRM?

We carefully assess your company's requirements and design functionality, beginning with the most important features to additional feature accelerate and save time during the development process.

  • High-quality, customised business solutions are always a sure success
  • Custom CRM solutions are most popular to optimize CRM costs
  • It avoids prolonged development to have a fully functional solution within 6 months
  • Prevent unauthorized access with data protection for sensitive information
  • Use agile methodologies to deliver an MVP (minimum viable product)
  • Adaptable across all business and industry types
  • Store and manage your contact records, sync data, data sharing, and more
  • Advanced features to simplify customer interactions and operational processes
  • Custom dashboard for real-time intelligent analytics and reporting
  • On-demand CRM software flexibility at no extra cost

Top Custom CRM Software Features

Custom CRM solutions will always be adapted exactly to your tasks, providing features like no other boxed CRM. To meet the needs of your business and clients at the highest convenience.

Expandable functionality

Custom CRM will enable you to expand functionalities whenever you want and will not limit your business to just a standard solution. Managing only the core aspects of your company.

Convenient Customization

As a custom type CRM user, you get rest assured to meet all your business needs and expectations because everything is created solely as per your business procedures in accordance with your technical specifications.

Data protection will be maximum

MKonnect's custom CRM system is designed to keep data safe from unauthorised access. Secure with level-based access controls for different people in the organisation.

For most complex problems

Custom CRM product will enable you in solving the most difficult and complex problems, an amazing system that will have no counterparts in competitors, regardless of the task's complexity.

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