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Rethink your opportunities and apply the right CRM technology with the right outcomes in mind.

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Add, Create, Change and Sell Products

MKonnect CRM to seamlessly add, create, sell and track everything related to your product. Create courses, host webinars, create membership offers, podcasts and more to attract your potential users online.


More Humanized Approach

MKonnect CRM, simplifies collecting, organizing, and managing customer information. It aims to improve relationship with existing customers, find new potential customers, and win back former clients.


A CRM to take control of your sales pipeline

Manage your sales team, streamline your sales processes at every stage. A complete set of tools for efficient inside sales and field sales operations with custom reporting features to measure, monitor and optimize team performance.


To right people in the right manner

Now easily manage your email lists, contacts, email templates, marketing calendar, drip and bulk emails, and more. Complete “Email marketing services” to manage engagement, personalization, communication, retention, and above all the brand awareness.


Payments Made Easier

Now make or receive payment faster in your CRM. Accept payments on any customer's account with Integration of all payment methods, including paypal, UPI, stripe, recurring and more.


Turn your traffic into a lead-generating machine

Get a fully customized website and landing page with custom designs. Includes all the elements your sales and marketing team needs to seal the deal. You can choose from pre-optimized landing pages created in minutes and professional copy written specifically for you.


If there is data there is an Insight

Highly scalable CRM system for smart business decision making based on real-time analytics and reporting. Only relatable and actionable insights to be more confident on business forecasts and planning.

Get a dedicated CRM to serve your customers better.

Get started with Mkonnect CRM software with a free trial. Click free trial or call us to know more.

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